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At CIEMEX, Innovation Meets Tradition

Building a Legacy in Glass and Ceramic Colors

CIEMEX: Pioneering
Excellence Since 1960

Founded on June 27, 1960, CIEMEX has been a trailblazer in developing top-notch products in the vitreous enamel industry. With a rich history and a global reach extending to over 20 countries, CIEMEX operates three production plants in the State of Mexico and ensures efficient delivery both in Mexico and abroad. Our main production plant, spanning 1080 m2, is situated in the Cuamatla industrial park, boasting a team of nearly 100 dedicated professionals.

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Charting Leadership in Management

Organizational Excellence:
CIEMEX's Structural Strength

Our organizational structure is a testament to CIEMEX’s commitment to excellence. At the helm is the General Management overseeing both Administrative Management and Plant Management. Administrative Management handles key areas such as HR, Purchasing, Credit and Collections, Accounts Payable, and Safety and Hygiene. Plant Management, on the other hand, directs vital aspects like Production, Sales, Technical Support, Laboratory, Maintenance, and Warehouse. The collaborative efforts ensure streamlined operations and a commitment to quality.

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CIEMEX's Commitment
in a Global Ceramic Landscape

In a dynamically growing global ceramic market valued at $239.53 billion in 2022, CIEMEX stands tall. Beyond being a participant, we lead with an understanding of industry challenges. Through advanced ceramics, we offer tailored solutions for various professional applications across industries, addressing the demands of a changing world.

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